The main concern of GULF OF GUINEA TRADING COMPANY is to be closer to you and to take care of
you all over the West African coast. GOG offers a full service from the airport to the port.

Today, Lomé has become a vital platform for growth in the maritime sector; this requires a lot of
requirements for companies that must innovate more and more to provide solutions to customers.


Opérations and assistance to ships

We perform different types of operation on ships: crew reports; deliveries of provisions, engine parts, documents; disposal of waste, mud and wastewater. Apart from these service delivery operations, we also offer assistance to ships.

Boat rental

For coastal transport, deliveries, crew reports, evacuations, we rent motorboats according to your needs. From "cover boats" to all kinds of tugs and open boats, we have what we need, according to the nature of your needs.

Marine logistics

GOG also offers cleaning services: ship hull cleaning, external cleaning of strainers, rudder, probes and propellers, and also underwater inspection services.

Cargo search

GOG offers you all the solutions to your cargo search, cabotage and containerization problems.

Brokerage and Precessing

Assistance with the general brokerage of goods and tankers is guaranteed to you with GOG. In no time at all levels, GOG follows you and offers real solutions to the problems you face.

Commercial representation

We can also commercially, validly represent your products throughout Africa. With the partnership of the Brightness Maritime Agency, we are present on all West African coasts to guarantee you a fairly important outlet when marketing your products.

GOG is a very innovative company that offers you the challenge of bringing real and concrete solutions to your maritime, commercial and transport problems. Thus, at the same time that GOG contributes to your happiness, it participates at the same time in development and emancipation proving at the same time that it is committed to the objectives of the SDGs.



-Speed to reply to emails
-Fluidity, simplicity and clarity of communication
-Prompt to serve the customer.


-Qualified and equipped team
-Vedettes in good condition and respecting the norms in force according to the law.
-Comfortable and airy stars.

Work on time

We offer only quality services, but especially in space and time for the very great customer satisfaction.


The particularity of GOG is innovation. It constantly innovates to improve the quality of its services and especially to find a tailor-made solution adapted to your realities in order to solve your problems more effectively.


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operations@gogtrading.com / gogtradingcompany@gmail.com
Route du grand contournement, 3e rue après la gendarmerie Zorro-bar en allant vers le rond-point Adakpamé
01 BP 675 Lomé-TOGO
(+228) 22 54 64 86 / 98 96 40 46